Catering Menu

Sushi On The Go

Classic Sushi Platter | 110.
three tuna avocado rolls, three salmon asparagus rolls, three yellowtail cucumber rolls, three California rolls, three shrimp tempura rolls, three avocado, asparagus cucumber rolls

Signature Sushi Platter | 180.
four everything bagel rolls, four citrus rolls, four Christmas rolls, four dynamite rolls


House Organic Salad | 30.
organic spring mix, cucumber, tomato, carrots, house made ginger dressing and crispy noodles

with chicken | 65.
with beef | 75.
with salmon | 75.
with shrimp | 75.

Cauliflower Salad | 60.
roasted cauliflower, seasonal fruit, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds, organic spring mix, orange miso vinaigrette

Edamame | 30.
steamed soy beans in pods, seasoned with salt

Seaweed Salad | 35.
seaweed marinated in sesame vinaigrette


Krab Harumaki | 30.
krab mix, cream cheese wrapped inAsian rice paper, crispy fried, serve with sweet chili sauce 

House Gyoza | 45.
house made Asian dumplings stuffed with chicken, beef and shrimp, served with house made tomato basil sauce
Karaage Chicken | 40.
chunks of chicken marinated in ginger-soy, deep fried until golden, served with house BBQ sauce  

Chicken Lettuce Wrap | 40.
diced chicken, mixed vegetables, basil sautéed in lime-hoisin sauce, served with romaine lettuce

Noodles & Rice

Fried Rice
assorted vegetables stir-fried with rice

with chicken | 65.
with shrimp | 75.
with beef | 75.

Japanese egg noodles, stir-fried with assorted vegetables and a scrambled egg

with chicken | 75.    
with shrimp | 85.
with beef | 85.

{all entrees are served with steamed rice}

assorted seasonal vegetables drizzled with house made teriyaki glaze

with chicken | 100.
with shrimp | 120.
with steak | 120.
with salmon | 120.

Pork Belly Katsu | 110.
pork belly fried with panko breadcrumb and served with house made bbq sauce

mixed vegetables coated with tempura batter and lightly fried, served with tempura sauce

with chicken | 100.
with shrimp | 120. 

Soda & Sweets

two liter soda with cups and ice | 6.
brownie bites | 25.
chocolate chip cookie | 25.
bread pudding with caramelized apple | 35.

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